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Semiconductor Equipment Rigging

Semiconductor Equipment Rigging

Clean Fab Technologies offers services in the rigging and installation of Semiconductor Tools and any other equipment your might need inside your Fab.

Our Riggers have many years of experience handling this type of equipment, we’ve been working around Semiconductor Facilities in Central Texas for more than 25 years, since the glory days of Motorola, AMD and Sematech, from a small metrology tool to an ASML Scanner rest assure that we will rig and bring your equipment safely to your production bay.

300mm tools have increased significantly in size compared to 200mm tools, that’s why we always communicate with the tool vendors to explore the safest and fastest way to rig and move a tool, and once inside the Fab we provide support to the vendor to assembly, level and align the tool with the AMHS.

Metal Stand/Pad Installation and
Floor Tile Cut-Out for Tool Hook- Up.

We know that before the tool arrives you need to prep the area for the tool hook-up, that’s why we also offer services in metal Stand/ Pad Installation and floor tiles modifications in order to accommodate for utilities under the tool, reinforce the floor for heavy tools and add extra pedestals if needed for when the tool arrives everything should be ready for assembly, and if the Fab requires bulkheads around the tools you can rely on us to do the work and deliver exceptional results for your Cleanroom.

Decommission and Relocation of
Semiconductor Equipment.

Decommission and relocation of Semiconductor tools is another of our strengths, if you need to decommission an entire Fab or just a few tools, relocate them inside the Fab or to another building please don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call, we will do everything in our hands to make your project a success.
Because, Fabs is what we do…….

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