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Low Clearance Towing

Low Clearance Towing

SC Towing offers low clearance towing services to help you move your vehicle from a low clearance area such as an underground garage or a parking structure with height restrictions. Our team of experienced drivers uses specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that your vehicle is safely towed without causing any damage to the car or the surrounding structures.

We are aware that low clearance towing calls for a method that is both cautious and precise, and as a result, we take additional precautions to protect both your vehicle and the environment in which it is being towed. We have a fleet of specialized tow trucks that are equipped with hydraulic lift systems that can be adjusted as needed, which allows us to safely tow vehicles that have low ground clearance without causing any damage to the vehicles.

Contact us if you require low-clearance towing services, and be sure to include as much information as possible regarding the location of the vehicle and its specific requirements. We will get a driver to come to your location as soon as we possibly can and give you an estimate of the cost of our services while they are there.

At Towing Services Nassau, we are dedicated to providing our customers with low-clearance towing services that are dependable and performed by trained professionals. Get in touch with us right away to receive further information or to arrange a pickup time for your automobile.